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Restrictions eased but we're staying focused

Hello everyone,

It's great news that we are starting to see some restrictions easing due to the lower levels of COVID being reported, please rest assured that Ashe Alarms are taking no risks with yours, or our engineers health.

Our installation and maintenance visits are all pre arranged with yourselves. If you are not comfortable with having our engineers in your property we will arrange for a later visit after the circumstances with COVID have further improved.

The following precautions will be taken if you are happy for us to visit:

  1. Our engineers will always wear a face mask. (gloves can be warn if a customer requests this).

  2. We will wash our hands with antibacterial sanitiser before entering your property.

  3. We will minimise the surfaces we touch.

  4. We will suggest our customers stay in another room while we are working to reduce chances of transmission.

  5. In addition to our normal clearing up, we will wipe down any surfaces we have touched, with anti bacterial wipes.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Thank you

The Ashe Alarms Team


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